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Voyages Through the New Russia

"Are you from Amerika?"

I turned around from photographing intricate marine details on a wrought iron bridge, to the perplexed face of a small eight year old child, standing next to her mother. I was stunned by her almost perfect English.

"Nyet!" I said in my best Russian, "I'm from Kanada!" Therein started a lovely conversation about why I was in St Petersburg, to visit their beautiful country.

Come along for the ride as Voyageurfred takes you on a 13,000 km odyssey through the heartland of the Russian Federation. Get a feel for the pulse of the country as he shows you the streets, museums and palaces of St Petersburg, including the famous Hermitage; a look inside Moscow's intimidating Kremlin - the seat of political power, and the ancient villages of the "Golden Ring".

Then hop aboard the Trans-Siberian Railway for views of the people and the taiga countryside, as the train glides to his final destination, Lake Baikal - "The Pearl of Siberia!"

Hiking and camping in remote areas of this World Heritage site, view the stunning fauna, flora and geology of the world's largest freshwater lake, while Frederic worked as a volunteer with the Earthwatch Institute, studying the lake's water ecology with scientists from the Russian Academy of Sciences.

It's a historical and stimulating 90 minute show, featuring classical music by Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninov, with Frederic's always entertaining - tales from the trails!

Not to be missed!

Created and produced by
Montreal adventure photographer & raconteur

Frederic Hore
Not to be missed!