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To Alaska! From Vancouver to Glacier Bay -

Cruising British Columbia's Inside Passage

New for 2023!

“I want to go to Alaska!”

My 88-year-old mother was adamant. A seven-day cruise from Vancouver to Glacier Bay had been on her bucket list for years! What better way to have a family reunion!

Join Voyageurfred for the adventure as he takes you aboard Holland America’s distinctive and luxurious 2,100 passenger cruiseliner - Nieuw Amsterdam. Get a feel for the vibe aboard this 936-foot vessel as it steams north through British Columbia’s majestic Inside Passage, with visits to Juneau - the capital of Alaska, Skagway, then onward to renowned Glacier Bay, to gaze upon immense shimmering glaciers nestled beneath snow-covered peaks.

Along the way see sleepy lumber towns, black bears fishing for clams, agile mountain goats scampering up the rocky coast and breaching humpback whales at Tracy Sound.

Relive the torturous route gold miners took climbing steep mountain passes and deep valleys, travelling aboard the historic and shaky White Pass and Yukon Route Railway.

Etched deep into the sides of plunging mountains, the journey on this narrow-gauge railway from Carcross, Yukon to the coastal seaport at Skagway, Alaska, is a breath-taking, engineering marvel. Twisting and curving on cliff faces, then crossing deep ravines on spectacularly high wooden trestles, it’s enough to give someone vertigo!

Enhanced by ethereal music, learn about the history and culture of the First Nations people, early settlers and amusing stories of profiteering scoundrels, in this engaging and enlightening journey along the Canadian and U.S. West Coast.

Created and produced by
Montreal adventure photographer and raconteur

Frederic Hore
Not to be missed!