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Marvellous Martinique - The Island Paradise!

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He was the only survivor!

When Mount Pelée violently erupted on May 8, 1902 - the volcano’s hot pyroclastic flow buried and destroyed the bustling coastal town of St Pierre. Thirty thousand people perished, except for one confined resident - an inmate incarcerated in the dungeon of the local jail. He was pulled out alive!

Come along for the ride as Voyageur Fred takes you on a fascinating historical and cultural tour of marvellous Martinique. See the imposing medieval fortifications at Fort St Louis, friendly Fort-de-France, with its chic French colonial architecture, mysterious and dangerous Diamond Rock, followed by visits to sugar cane and banana plantations, a rum factory tour plus strolls on stunning and desolate white sand beaches.

The joyous atmosphere, music and colourful celebrations of Carnaval close out the show! It’s a tour de force of this exotic, beautiful and distinctive - French island paradise.

Created and produced by
Montreal adventure photographer and raconteur

Frederic Hore
Not to be missed!