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Exotic Morocco - From Sand to Sea

"Ride it like a horse!" Ali called out.

It was fine for him to say that. Our genial Berber guide was walking, while I sat upon a large, hairy camel, lurching from side to side then forward and backward - as it plodded slowly and carefully around massive dunes of twisted orange sand.

In the past, I had ridden a few small donkeys and an uncomfortable mule - but never a horse, and certainly not a camel! With my poor, tender, pink, derrière now thoroughly sore, I slipped off the groaning beast, gingerly walking the rest of the way.

As the crimson sun, gradually gave sway,
Behind the Sahara's silky sands,
The heat of the day, slowly ebbed away.
As a royal blue sky, and beautiful Mars,
Slowly emerged, we dined by candlelight
Beneath twinkling mystical stars!

Ahh Morocco! For many, that one word conjures up images of Marrakech's medieval souks, ancient kasbahs, the mystique of Casablanca, and nomadic Berbers... wandering through the immense Sahara Desert. Rich in culture, history and stunning architecture, The Kingdom of Morocco is so much more.

Let Voyageurfred take you on a 4,000 km odyssey, from sand to sea, from the Sahara, through the Atlas Mountains, to white-washed cities nestled on the Atlantic coast, as he presents the images and stories of this exotic land.

It's a vibrant and colourful 90 minute show, with stories of the people and their life, enhanced by Moroccan music... and the Songs of the Souks!

Not to be missed!

Created and produced by
Montreal adventure photographer and ranconteur

Frederic Hore
Not to be missed!