Destination Mongolia
In the Shadow of Chingis Khaan

He was born to a family of nobility in 1162; his given name was Temujin. When his family was banished from its tribe after his father's death, he eventually conquered his enemies, rising to the position of Khaan, or ruler. By 1206, he had united all the disparate Mongol tribes and was proclaimed at an assembly of nobles, the Great Khaan of Mongolia.

He was... Chinggis Khaan - the most feared and revered ruler of all Asia!

Today the pastoral lands, grassy steppes and mighty Gobi desert remain much the same as they were in Chinggis's time. Join Frederic for the adventure as he takes you on a journey via jeep and train through this great warriors land, from his ancient capital at Karakorum, to the silky twisted sands of the Gobi; from the rocky Painted Hills where dinosaurs once roamed, to the Ikh Nart Nature Reserve - where huge cinereous vultures still soar.

Then listen to the ethereal chants of the Monks at Gandan, as you are guided through their spectacular temples at Ulaan Baatar.

It's a journey into a unique land - unlike any other!

A vibrant and colourful 90 minute slide show featuring Mongolian music and lively travel lore.

Not to be missed!

Created and produced by
Montreal adventure photographer

Frederic Hore

Not to be missed!


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