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All Aboard the Mighty Via Canadian!

A superb railway adventure!

"Did you see the bear?"

The startled voice of a fellow passenger caught my attention. Sitting high above the surrounding landscape inside a luxurious, glass-enclosed dome car, I looked out to see if I could spot the wayward beast. Too late! The wandering carnivore had disappeared into the dense forest.

Join Voyageurfred for the adventure as he takes you on a four-day, cross-country odyssey on the iconic Via Canadian, from the towering skyscrapers of Toronto to the majestic coastal city of Vancouver... with stops along the way!

Riding the iron rails revealed life aboard this famous Canadian train, from a guitar-playing minstrel to chatting with amusing passengers, and fabulous meals in the decorated and spacious dining car. The highlight, of course, was viewing the colourful panoramas and ever-changing landscape from inside my small cabin and from the expansive dome car. It was quite the ride!

From magical sunsets above Northern Ontario's boreal forests and aqua-blue lakes, to the beautiful vistas of Saskatchewan's bright yellow canola fields, then onward to the spectacular, snow-capped Rocky Mountains at Jasper National Park - you will be captivated and enchanted by the allure of Canada's vast landscape!

Along the way, see stunning cities and sleepy towns, as Frederic recounts the history and tragedy constructing the legendary Canadian Pacific railway. Learn how a Canadian train robber coined the famous phrase - "Hands Up!"

Folk tunes and ethereal music enhance this travelogue, along with Voyageurfred's always amusing... tales from the trails!

Created and produced by
Montreal adventure photographer and raconteur

Frederic Hore
Not to be missed!